Designed for professionals who demand the most from their equipment. The new Tigercut series is at the forefront from every point of view. From quality materials to the ergonomic handle made of technopolymer, the difference can be seen and felt. In addition, all operating information is available on the built-in screen. The Tigercut 25 Scissors is incredible, like its components: high-strength steel blade, powerful motor and progressive cut guarantee a precise and clean cut. And never stand still: the supplied batteries guarantee an incredible duration: up to 6-8 hours!


- 2 Batterie intercambiabili e ricaricabili incluse
- Indicatore autonomia batteria
- Motore brushless
- Impugnatura ergonomica soft touch
- Taglio progressivo
- Cover in tecnopolimero
- Doppia apertura delle lame (25mm / 15mm)
- Lama in acciaio ad alta resistenza

Techincal sheet

Voltage: 16.8V
Li-ion battery: 16.8V
Battery capacity: 1Ah
Number of batteries included: 2
Maximum cutting width: 25mm
Cutting width (intermediate opening): 15mm
Progressive cut: Yes

Maximum power: 500W
Weight (g): 892g (with battery included)
Charging time: 1 - 1.5h
Battery life: 3-4h / battery
Engine: Brushless

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