MTP 2.8 SR

Higly professional pruners equipped with a steel oil pump (self-lubricated) and a 100cc oil tank. Supplied with professional bar and chain, the latter fixed with two studs, they are designed to protect the operator from the "kick back" effects. A sturdy hook improves grip on the branch and an internal flywheel enables to avoid chain bumps (1/4" specific for pruning).



Multifunction system with patented Rotofix. Throttle control with integrated locking system, car under control at every stage of work. Built in special plastic with rubber grommet sweat that increases grip.


Walbro diaphragm carburettors with primer are used on all engines. Diaphragms are made of a special material (Mylar) used to guarantee good and long performances even using unleaded fuel with high percentage of alcohol and/or alkylic fuels.

H23T antivibration system

A double antivibrations system (springs and rubber shock absorber) is used on this model. Hands are far away from the engine and the cutting blades. All safety requirements have been complied.

H23T gear box




All components of the gear box have been designed for heavy duty use. Ball bearings are used in the gearbox to reduce heat. The connecting rod is assembled on needle bearings to guarantee a smooth movement of the blades.

Fuel tank

A larger cap on the gasoline tank makes easy the filling operation. All pipes are manufactured in Viton, special material resisting to unleaded fuel corrosion and high temperatures. Special device to avoid Vapor-Lock.

Cr-V blades

This special material is used to manufacture the blades. The blades are ideal for use in heavy duty conditions; they resist to the strongest shocks (i.e. metal wire, stones, cans etc.)

Engine crankshaft-piston

The two pieces crankshafts with two counterweights are made of high quality steel. The special design reduces vibrations and guarantees high performances. Piston: Ultra light pistons are used to reduce vibrations. All pistons made of special cast iron have two pistons rings to ensure a longer life of the engine.

Air filter

Single stage air filters. These filters guarantee longer engines life and lower maintenance costs.

Digital ignition

The digital ignitions have been specifically developed by ACTIVE to offer better performances. The digital ignition guarantees an easier start of the engine in any condition, a cleaner engine and lower emissions.

Blade assembly

Blades are laser cut, rectified and sharpened using an high technology process. Special spacers guarantee a perfect coupling.

Blade design

Active engineers have designed the blades shape to guarantee optimal cutting performances.

Techincal sheet


  • Type: Active 2 stroke
  • Displacement: 28.5 CC
  • Power (Kw/CV): 1.25/1.7
  • Carburettor: Walbro WYC
  • Ignition: Electronic
  • Air filter: Single
  • Shaft diameter (mm): 26
  • Shaft thickness (mm) : 1.5
  • Weight (Kg): 5.3
  • Fuel tank capacity (lt.): 0.50
  • Oil tank capacity (lt): 0.10
  • Total lenght (mm) : 2000
  • Clutch (Ø mm): 54
  • Straight pruner


1/4" - 0° - 254 mm

  • Lenght (mm): 254
  • Inclination: 0°
  • Chain: 1/4"
  • Links: 60
  • 2 holding points

1/4" - 0° - 203 mm

  • Lenght (mm): 203
  • Inclination: 0°
  • Chain: 1/4"
  • Links: 48
  • 2 holding points

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