Machines designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. Their compactness, versatility and a good power-weight ratio ensure excellent cutting performance for any use: limbing, pruning and cutting of medium size trunks.


The crankcase is made of magnesium (models 51-56 and 62). Magnesium ensures a lower working temperature of the engine and a lighter weight of the machine.

Engine crankshaft

A silver plated needle bearing is used on the crankshaft to reduce working temperatures. The cylinders and pistons have been specially designed for chain saws. The piston rings are made of a special material to guarantee a longer life of the engine.

Air filter

The intake air is pre-filtered by a special device..

Digital ignition

The digital ignition ensure an easy start and a constant power in any working condition. A special ceramic is used on the spark plug to guarantee a “cleaner” engine, due to a better combustion inside the cylinder.


Some models are equipped with a decompressor to guarantee an easy start with very low effort. This device eliminates the kick back and ensure a longer life of starter components


Powerful high torque engines ideal for the use in any condition (including farmer and professional use). Active chain saws engines guarantee high performances.

Antivibration system

Three or five special rubber shock absorbers are used to reduce to the minimum the vibrations.The maximum operators confort is guaranteed.

Techincal sheet


  • Type: Active 2 stroke
  • Displacement: 51.0 CC
  • Power (Kw/CV): 2.7/3.8
  • Weight (without bar and chain): 5.6 kg
  • Ignition: Digital
  • Air filter: Single
  • Fuel tank capacity (lt.): 0.65
  • Oil tank capacity (lt.): 0.34
  • Bar fixing: 2 bolts



.325" x 1.3/40 cm

  • Chain .325" x 1.3
  • Barra: 40 cm
  • Links: 66

.325" x 1.5/40 cm

  • Chain: .325" x 1.5
  • Bar: 40 cm
  • Links: 66

.325" x 1.5/45 cm

  • Catena: .325" x 1.5
  • Bar: 45 cm
  • Links: 72

3/8" x 1.5/45 cm

  • Chain: 3/8" x 1.5
  • Bar: 45 cm
  • Links: 68

3/8" x 1.5/50 cm

  • Catena: 3/8" x 1.5
  • Bar: 50 cm
  • Links: 72

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