Active Srl launches on the market an innovative new line of its olive shaker “Olivator”.
It is an essential tool for collecting olives, designed and manufactured with advanced mechanical, electrical and electronic technologies that facilitate the harvesting.

It's handy and versatile to use

In order to meet any need, the Olivator has been developed in three versions: E1200, E4800 and E4800 BP. To improve the maneuverability, all three versions are available in two sizes: L, with extendible shaft from 2100 to 3100 mm, and XL extendible from 2400 to 3700 mm.

Innovative features

All three versions of Olivator have in common innovation that involves mechanics and ergonomics. The two arms perform an alternating movement at high amplitude: the wide oscillatory motion of 8 carbon-fibre tines guarantees better productivity than any traditional shaker. To facilitate the insertion of the sticks between the branches, the shaker head has been designed with an inclined shape which makes the operation a lot easier. Also the ergonomics make their use efficient and comfortable: all Olivator shakers are equipped with an aluminum telescoping rod and an ergonomic handle with switch and power cord.

Olivator E1200

This model is suitable for every need, it is versatile and effective in any condition of use. Direct power from the 12V battery allows a productivity of 80/110 kg per hour, with a total weight of 2.5 kg for L, and 2.8 kg for model XL.

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Olivator E4800

High performances and dual speed guarantee a high power and increased harvesting capacity (90/120 kg / h). Machine operating parameters are controlled through a power supply with electronic microprocessor, connected to the 12V / 24V battery. Equipped with a 48V electric motor, Super Power weighs 2.4 kg (L) or 2.7 kg (XL).

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Olivator E4800 BP

Top of the line range, the E4800 BP adds to the features of the E4800 the innovative 32V lithium battery. To ensure maximum freedom of movement for the operator while functioning, the rechargeable battery with 32V charger is housed inside a comfortable and lightweight backpack. Weight and productivity of this machine are exactly the same of model E4800.

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