The 5350 SB MULCHING is a strong and reliable machine designed for professional use. It was conceived to reach a compromise between power output, weight, and maneuverability. Its main characteristic is to combine quality of cutting and grass shredding thereby accelerating the decomposition process. This allows a fast cutting of the lawn saving time for emptying catchers, filling bags of grass and their disposal.


Aluminiom wheels

Some lawn mowers models are equipped with aluminum wheels for heavy duty use.

Easy storage and transport


Thanks to the easy to fold handle all models are easy to transport and storage..

Mulching kit

Mulching kits are available on most models. Using the mulching kit the grass will be cut in small pieces and left on ground as fertilizer.


The handles are adjustable in height. The three positions adjustment guarantees the maximum comfort to any user.

Gear box

Exclusively designed for Active lawn mowers. Aluminum case, bronze gear, discs clutch, bronze bushings and bearings are used to guarantee high performances

Cutting height adjustement

The cutting height can be easily adjusted on all models. Depending on the model can be on each wheel, on each axle or central.


The blades have been designed with an exclusive shape to guarantee an excellent grass collection in any working conditions, particularly when the grass is wet.

Handle with antivibrations

Using the standard handle the hands/arms of the operator absorb 60% of the vibrations produced by the mower , Using the NEW Handle with Anti-vibrations System the hands/arms of the operator absorb ONLY 8% of the vibrations produced by the mower

Techincal sheet


  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton
  • Type: 800e SERIES - OHV
  • Displacement: 175 CC
  • Fuel tank capacity (lt.): 1.1
  • Starter: rewind start
  • Push/self-propelled: self-propelled
  • Gear box: single speed
  • Double sealed ball bearings wheels: Aluminium
  • Wheel diameter: 203
  • Speed (km/h): 3.5
  • Cutting height adjustement: Centralized
  • Safety system (engine brake): Yes
  • Rec. Surface (m2): 1000-1500
  • ALUMINIUM deck
  • Blade lenght (cm): 53
  • Cutting widht (cm): 55
  • Cutting height min-max (mm): 25 - 80
  • Cutting height positons: 6
  • Weight (kg): 42
  • Front bumper: NO
  • Noisy (db): 98
  • Product certification: CE


  • Water hose: No
  • Fuel tap: No
  • BBC Security System: No
  • Antivibration System: Yes
  • ReadyStart: Yes
  • Auto Choke System: No

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