Powerful, compact and heavy duty auger; can be used both by one or two operators. The unique handle can be extended to be used by two persons in heavy working conditions. A double stage epicycloidal reduction allows to use the engine power with maximum safety. Whether you drill the ground for planting or taking soil samples, usefulness of ACTIVE augers is manifold.



Comfortable handle with soft touch grip. All controls are easy to reach.


Walbro WYK diaphragm carburettors with primer are used on all engines. Diaphragms are made of a special material (Mylar) used to guarantee good and long performances even using unleaded fuel with high percentage of alcohol and/or alkylic fuels.


Engine specifically designed for the augers. Every part has been designed for heavy duty work.

Reductor gear

Two stage (12 gears) epicycloidal reduction gear. Compact, reliable, heavy duty. Drills up to Ø 300 mm can be used.

Fuel tank

A larger cap on the gasoline tank makes easy the filling operation. All pipes are manufactured in Viton, special material resisting to unleaded fuel corrosion and high temperatures. Special device to avoid Vapor-Lock.


The muffler is manufactured using a special material to reduce the noise. The gasket is made of graphite material and it resists to high temperature (up to 900 C°).

Engine crankshaft-Piston

The two pieces crankshafts with two counterweights are made of high quality steel. The special design reduces vibrations and guarantees high performances. Piston - Ultra light pistons are used to reduce vibrations. All pistons made of special cast iron have two pistons rings to ensure a longer life of the engine.

Air filter

Double stage air filters. These filters guarantee longer engines life and lower maintenance costs.

Digital ignition

The digital ignitions have been specifically developed by ACTIVE to offer better performances. The digital ignition guarantees an easier start of the engine in any condition, a cleaner engine and lower emissions.

Anti kick-back system

Models T152 and T143 have an anti kickback device.

Looking device

The reduction gear can be locked. The locking device allows the operator to remove the drill in case it stucks into the ground. Simply switch off the engine, lock the device and turn the auger anticlockwise.

Crankcase and clutch

Heavy duty crankcase. Professional 78 mm centrifugal clutch with progressive engagement.

Techincal sheet


  • Displacement (cm3): 51.7
  • Power (Kw/Cv): 2.2/3.0
  • Reduction gear ratio: 50:1
  • Rpm max: 170
  • Fuel tank capacity (lt.): 1.1
  • Weight without drill (kg): 15

Powerful, compact and heavy duty auger; can be used both by one or two operators. The unique handle can be extended to be used by two persons in heavy working conditions. A double stage epicycloidal reduction allows to use the engine power with maximum safety.

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